Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Art

Astonishing X-Men #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: In London, Psylocke warns Angel and Bishop that the others must first break through Farouk’s illusions so she can guide them to him. Bishop points out the Military is watching them as the Ministry of Defense evacuates London for a kilometer around the building.

On the Astral Plane, Rogue, Gambit, Logan, Beast and Fantomex are taken to a theater auditorium, where they are to watch the story of the X-Men, a mind game developed by the Shadow King. Farouk and Charles Xavier are playing with the illusions, each trying to impose their version of reality. The Shadow King wants to manipulate them whereas Xavier wants to wake them up. Farouk uses an illusion of Jean to affect Logan, but he ends up breaking through, remembering she’s gone. The Shadow King then orders the illusions to attack the X-Men. Once the X-Men are victorious, Logan’s heightened senses reveal that Beast is, in fact, Mystique is disguise. Raven explains that she wants to defeat the Shadow King, but knew the X-Men wouldn’t accept her help if she came as herself. Logan realizes that there were two players in this game and that one of them was trying to wake him up and help them. Three doors are presented before them, and the group split up: Rogue and Gambit, Mystique and Fantomex and Logan by himself. Elsewhere, Xavier is confident now that Farouk has lost the first round of their mind game. The Shadow King reminds him that if he wins, the bodies and souls of the X-Men will be his, but if Charles wins... Farouk will allow Xavier to kill the X-Men with mercy.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Preview

Astonishing X-Men #2
Writer: Charles Soule
Art & Cover by: Mike Deodato

The Story:
Enter the Astral Plane! In the next chapter of this action-packed X-Men epic, Psylocke, Rogue, Old Man Logan and the rest of their impromptu team travel to the astral plane in pursuit of the dastardly Shadow King. But on the astral plane, not everything is as it seems, and reality is only as reliable as what you think it is – Will the X-Men be able to contain the chaos from spilling out into the world? From superstar writer Charles Soule and rock-star artist Mike Deodato Jr., Astonishing X-Men is the book you cannot afford to miss!

In Stores: August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jean Grey #5 Art

Jean Grey #5 Spoilers

Spoilers: After her encounter with Thor, Jean Grey decides it’s time to wield weapons, as such she seeks the world’s foremost psi-weapon expert: Psylocke. Betsy takes Jean to meditate and to a loud rock concert to help her focus her powers on psychic weapons, to no avail. Psylocke then takes Jean to subterranean caverns full of mole monsters. Jean manages to create psi-weaponry, and Betsy learns that fear is what makes Jean draws her inner weapons. Psylocke then takes Jean to Madripoor and assign Jean a black-ops mission: to sneak in the Hand’s resurrection chamber, set explosives and clear the ninjas she finds on her way. Psylocke mentors Jean from afar, while Jean manifests different weapons, a club, an axe, claws, chains, a mace, shuriken, clearing all the ninjas who come across her. Meanwhile, a voice inside Jean’s head keep telling her to ignore Psylocke’s advices and be reckless. When Jean is overwhelmed by dozens of ninjas, Betsy comes to her rescue, and both defeat all the ninjas and meet each other again. As they exit the Hand building, Psylocke tells Jean she heard the voice in her head and that it sounded familiar. Betsy implodes the building and tells Jean to find out who that voice belongs to.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jean Grey #5 Preview

Jean Grey #5
Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Anthony Piper
Cover by: David Yardin

The Story:
After an adventure with the legendary God of Thunder himself, Jean Grey realizes that fighting the Phoenix will take more than just mettle - it will take metal. Luckily, there's an X-Man who knows something about turning resolve into ordnance - Enter: Psylocke!

In Stores: August 9, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Variant Cover by Ryan Stegman

Monday, July 31, 2017

X-Women by J. Scott Campbell

Astonishing X-Men ‘80s

Astonishing X-Men ‘90s
Astonishing X-Men RessurXion
X-Men Blue ‘60s

X-Men Blue ‘60s (Version 2)
X-Men Blue RessurXion
X-Men Gold ‘70s
X-Men Gold ‘80s
X-Men Gold RessurXion

Friday, July 28, 2017

Marvel Legact Resurrects Marvel Trading Cards - As Variant Covers

Marvel cover artist John Tyler Christopher is branching out from his "Action Figure" variant covers for a new set of variants based on Marvel's classic 90s trading cards for "Marvel Legacy."

The titles that will receive the variants are as follows: Marvel Legacy #1, All-New Wolverine #25, Champions #13, Falcon #1, Invincible Iron Man #593, Jessica Jones #13, Luke Cage #166, Mighty Thor #700, Royals #9, Spider-Gwen #25, Spirits of Vengeance #1, Uncanny Avengers #28, Venom #155, and X-Men Gold #13.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Olivia Munn is 'Vague' About Her 'X-Men' Return Olivia Munn is psyched to return to the X-Men franchise, but she's trying to be vague about it.

After making her X-debut in last year's X-Men: Apocalypse, her involvement in the seventh X-Men installment, Dark Phoenix, has yet to be confirmed — until now. Well, kinda. While promoting The LEGO Ninjago Movie at San Diego Comic-Con, Munn was super "vague" about her X-future. That probably has something to do with the fact she couldn't remember what it was she was told she could reveal.

"I was asked what I can say, and I can't remember. I'm supposed to say things," she told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz. "I'll just repeat to you what was said to me in the text. It was: 'be vague.'"

Typically, if an actor is told to "be vague" about his or her involvement in a film, there's a pretty good chance that actor is in the movie. "That is a great assumption," Munn said, vaguely, of her rumored reprise in Dark Phoenix, "but I'm being vague."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

SDCC: Ed Piskor Reveals X-Men Grand Design for Marvel

CBR: Announced earlier today during Marvel Comics’ Next Big Thing panel at Comic-Con International, the X-Men’s long, often complicated history will be untangled in a new miniseries.

Hip-Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor is the man for the job, as the publisher announced the indy comics writer/artist will be the person who “stitches together the stories of the important years of the X-Men.” The series will see Piskor look to the franchise’s past, present and future in order to tell a story that ties all of the X-Men’s high points together in a single narrative.

Every chapter of the six-part series will condense a decades’ worth of X-Men lore into a single issue. The first issue starts in the ’60s, with subsequent installments covering the ’70s through today.

Check out the official press release below, along with all of Piskor’s covers, and check back with CBR soon for more on what to expect from X-Men Grand Design.

During today’s Next Big Thing Panel at Comic-Con International San Diego, Marvel Entertainment announced that this fall, it would be debuting X-MEN GRAND DESIGN by acclaimed artist Ed Piskor (Hip-Hop Family Tree).

A true inclusive book for all X-Men fans, X-MEN GRAND DESIGN stitches together the stories of the important years of the X-Men. Bridging the history of everyone’s favorite mutants with the present day, it’s a title that truly sums up Marvel Legacy and its importance to the Marvel Universe. 

Filled with Easter Eggs from years past for die-hard X-fans and nods to the present day X-Men stories, X-MEN GRAND DESIGN is a celebration of the X-Men – past, present, and future. Coming this fall!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #1 Art

Astonishing X-Men #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psychics around the world are attacked by an unknown force, dying one by one. While in London, Psylocke suffers the same fate, but before she is consumed, she reaches out to a few X-Men, asking for their help. Dominated, Betsy is taken to the top of the Shard building where she manifests a colossal psychic butterfly, threatening all of London against her will. Old Man Logan and Rogue are the first to arrive. As Rogue gets near Psylocke, Angel comes just in time to protect her from Betsy’s sharp blades. Enter Gambit and Fantomex, who help protect the civilians on the streets along with Old Man Logan. Meanwhile, Bishop reaches the X-Men, and Warren takes him to the top of the building towards Rogue and Psylocke. Rogue wants to absorb Betsy’s psychic energy and have Bishop absorb it from her and project it into something harmless. Once the X-Men succeed in freeing Betsy, Beast arrives on the scene and all of them regroup. Betsy warns them it was The Shadow King’s doing, who’s coming after all psychics, building a web to force his way out of the Astral Plane. Psylocke wants to send the X-Men to the Astral Plane so they can stop the Shadow King. Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Old Man Logan all volunteer to go. Warren prefers to stay behind and protect Betsy. Psylocke stresses that she doesn’t trust Fantomex, but after some unfriendly worlds, she agrees to let him go as well. Finally, Bishop also opts to stay behind with Warren and Betsy. Psylocke then sends Rogue, Gambit, Fantomex, Beast and OML to the Astral Plane and warns them against the Shadow King’s methods. On the Astral Plane, Farouk rejoices that the X-Men are coming and is sure that their secrets will be their downfall. The Shadow King opens a vault where he finds Professor Xavier, his prisoner in chains.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

X-Solicits for October 2017

Astonishing X-Men #4
Charles Soule (W) • Carlos Pacheco (A/C)
Character Variant Cover by: Adi Granov
• A monster is loose in London. His name is Logan.
• Psylocke, Bishop and Angel are all that stand between a mind-poisoned Logan and a mountain of corpses. Rogue and Gambit consider their options. Fantomex and Mystique get the party started. And somewhere, the Shadow King laughs and laughs…

X-Men: Gold #13
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Mike Mayhew (A)
Cover by: Arthur Adams
LH Variant Cover by: Ben Caldwell
Legacy Headshot Variant Cover by: Mike Mckone
Trading Card Variant Cover by: John Tyler Christopher
B&W Connecting Variant Cover by: Arthur Adams
How-To-Draw Variant Cover by: Chip Zdarsky
• Mojo Worldwide Part 1
• Mojo, the demented creature obsessed with melding deadly television shows with reality, has made Earth his focus and it’s going to take the combined might of two X-Men teams to fight back! But when threats from their past are thrown at them, how will these teams react? With Sentinels and Brood and bad memories attacking at every opportunity, will Kitty and Jean and their teams be able to save Manhattan? Or is this the trick that finally boosts Mojo’s ratings? Plus: Includes 3 bonus Marvel Primer Pages! Story by Robbie Thompson and art by Mark Bagley!

X-Men: Blue #13
Cullen Bunn (W) • Jorge Molina (A)
Cover by: Arthur Adams
LH Variant Cover by: David Lopez
Legacy Headshot Variant Cover by: Mike Mckone
B&W Connecting Variant Cover by: Arthur Adams
1965 T-Shirt Variant Cover by: Jack Kirby
• Mojo Worldwide Part 2
• The X-Men may have bitten off more than they can chew when the Mojoverse continues its bizarre invasion of Manhattan! Jean Grey and her team fight side by side with Kitty Pryde and her team…but can Mojo be defeated when he’s got the X-Men’s greatest hits weaponized against them? Or will an unlikely alley come to the rescue? Plus: Includes 3 bonus Marvel Primer Pages! Story by Robbie Thompson and art by Mark Bagley!

X-Men: Gold #14
Marc Guggenheim (W) • R.B. Silva (A)
Cover by: Dan Mora
• Mojo Worldwide! Part 3
• Brood and Dark Phoenix and Mojo – Oh my! The Mojoverse continues its bizarre invasion of Manhattan! With reality-warping resources at the tips of his gross fingers, Mojo may finally have the upper hand against our beloved mutants…

X-Men: Blue #14
Cullen Bunn (W) • Jorge Molina (A)
Cover by: Arthur Adams
Mojo Worldwide! Part 4
Continuing from X-Men Gold #14, Jean Grey and her team fight side by side with Kitty Pryde and her team! But can Mojo be defeated when he’s got the power of history on his side? It’s going to take one unlikely Mojoverse ally to help our heroes out!

Charles Soule Twitter Q&A

Any character you plan on bringing back out of the background so to speak?
Soule: Kind of. I'm writing all the characters in Astonishing X-Men in a way I think works best for this story. Like how Joker evolves, etc.

Will the series have a regular artist?
Soule: No. New artist for each issue of Astonishing X-Men, all phenomenal.

I haven't followed any X-Men books since before Civil War II. Will I be lost? Or is it self contained?
Soule: Astonishing is completely self-contained. You don't have to have been reading anything else (but it's all great!)

How much of Psylocke's past will be covered?
Soule: Define "covered." Psylocke is Psylocke, but this is a new story, designed to take everyone to new places. Doesn't look backward, really.

Haven't read X-titles for a while. Is it new-reader friendly?
Soule: Astonishing X-Men is new reader-friendly.

Will Bishop's "villainous" period be addressed? Really a low point for the character.
Soule: My pal Sam Humphries handled all of that in his run on Uncanny X-Force. Won't be addressed in Astonishing.

How important will Astonishing be to the future direction of the X-Men books? Is this more of a spin-off or is this a key series?
Soule: Key.

What's the character combination you've enjoyed writing most so far?
Soule: Fantomex and Mystique are fun.

What conflict within two members of the group is most interesting to you? If there even are any?
Soule: Tons. Wait and see!