Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Art

Astonishing X-Men #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: In London, Psylocke warns Angel and Bishop that the others must first break through Farouk’s illusions so she can guide them to him. Bishop points out the Military is watching them as the Ministry of Defense evacuates London for a kilometer around the building.

On the Astral Plane, Rogue, Gambit, Logan, Beast and Fantomex are taken to a theater auditorium, where they are to watch the story of the X-Men, a mind game developed by the Shadow King. Farouk and Charles Xavier are playing with the illusions, each trying to impose their version of reality. The Shadow King wants to manipulate them whereas Xavier wants to wake them up. Farouk uses an illusion of Jean to affect Logan, but he ends up breaking through, remembering she’s gone. The Shadow King then orders the illusions to attack the X-Men. Once the X-Men are victorious, Logan’s heightened senses reveal that Beast is, in fact, Mystique is disguise. Raven explains that she wants to defeat the Shadow King, but knew the X-Men wouldn’t accept her help if she came as herself. Logan realizes that there were two players in this game and that one of them was trying to wake him up and help them. Three doors are presented before them, and the group split up: Rogue and Gambit, Mystique and Fantomex and Logan by himself. Elsewhere, Xavier is confident now that Farouk has lost the first round of their mind game. The Shadow King reminds him that if he wins, the bodies and souls of the X-Men will be his, but if Charles wins... Farouk will allow Xavier to kill the X-Men with mercy.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Preview

Astonishing X-Men #2
Writer: Charles Soule
Art & Cover by: Mike Deodato

The Story:
Enter the Astral Plane! In the next chapter of this action-packed X-Men epic, Psylocke, Rogue, Old Man Logan and the rest of their impromptu team travel to the astral plane in pursuit of the dastardly Shadow King. But on the astral plane, not everything is as it seems, and reality is only as reliable as what you think it is – Will the X-Men be able to contain the chaos from spilling out into the world? From superstar writer Charles Soule and rock-star artist Mike Deodato Jr., Astonishing X-Men is the book you cannot afford to miss!

In Stores: August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jean Grey #5 Art

Jean Grey #5 Spoilers

Spoilers: After her encounter with Thor, Jean Grey decides it’s time to wield weapons, as such she seeks the world’s foremost psi-weapon expert: Psylocke. Betsy takes Jean to meditate and to a loud rock concert to help her focus her powers on psychic weapons, to no avail. Psylocke then takes Jean to subterranean caverns full of mole monsters. Jean manages to create psi-weaponry, and Betsy learns that fear is what makes Jean draws her inner weapons. Psylocke then takes Jean to Madripoor and assign Jean a black-ops mission: to sneak in the Hand’s resurrection chamber, set explosives and clear the ninjas she finds on her way. Psylocke mentors Jean from afar, while Jean manifests different weapons, a club, an axe, claws, chains, a mace, shuriken, clearing all the ninjas who come across her. Meanwhile, a voice inside Jean’s head keep telling her to ignore Psylocke’s advices and be reckless. When Jean is overwhelmed by dozens of ninjas, Betsy comes to her rescue, and both defeat all the ninjas and meet each other again. As they exit the Hand building, Psylocke tells Jean she heard the voice in her head and that it sounded familiar. Betsy implodes the building and tells Jean to find out who that voice belongs to.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jean Grey #5 Preview

Jean Grey #5
Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Anthony Piper
Cover by: David Yardin

The Story:
After an adventure with the legendary God of Thunder himself, Jean Grey realizes that fighting the Phoenix will take more than just mettle - it will take metal. Luckily, there's an X-Man who knows something about turning resolve into ordnance - Enter: Psylocke!

In Stores: August 9, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #2 Variant Cover by Ryan Stegman